Rodrigo Fernandez Music


Inspired By Everything

Rodrigo Fernandez 

began his guitar journey

 at the age of 5. 

His thirst for knowledge led him to the music of 

Charlie Parker,

John Coltrane,

Allan Holdsworth, 

Frank Gambale, 

Derryl Gabel 


Richard Hallebeek. 

Find Your Own Voice

Best known for his fluid Legato technique 

and use of 

extended range guitars, 


is one of Australia’s 

truly impressive 

guitar players. 

His video clips are regularly cited 

as a reference for 

extended range guitarists

Embrace Your Passion

Rodrigo's extensive 

experience ranges from contemporary settings to modern improvised music. 

His global perspective keeps him on the cutting edge. 

Rodrigo's sound is fresh and current - attracting session work from 

United Kingdom, 

Sweden and 

South America.


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